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Art Direction for “THE WAY WE GLOW”, a launch campaign for KINLÒ, Naomi Osaka’s suncare line for melanin-rich skin, 2021 

This one means a lot to me. On a personal note, the story told through the films, photos, and even color palette signify the ending of a decades-long struggle with self acceptance, and the beginning of an era of loudly sporting the glow that was always there.

The films and photos are candid, down to earth, introspective, and raw.

We wanted to center and amplify the voices and experiences of people of color in conversations about skin and suncare. The campaign captures our cast in their best light, celebrates their unique identities, collective beauty… the things that make them glow.

Thank you to everyone at Kin and KINLÒ.

Thank you to Naomi, Damontae, Yonas, Danielle D., Kwame, Sophie, Alliah, Danielle H., Barnaby, Ivan and Amanda, Valerie, BRAVÒ, Daniella, Symone, Beatrice, Ale, Luis, Yi, Brian, Czarina, Ellie, Sakinah, and the many countless others who contributed to this project.

Thank you to Benjamin for the phone conversation that inspired the campaign slogan, “THE WAY WE GLOW”.

Harper’s Bazaar

Naomi Osaka on KINLÒ:

“I grew up believing that my skin was beautiful. But I never really knew how much it needed protecting until I got my first sunburn a few years ago.  KINLÒ products are designed specifically for people with melanin rich skin, who until now, might not have realized they need to use sunscreen.

The dream-like narrative [in the brand film] where myself and others share our experiences, journeys, and relationships with our own skin is a powerful statement about being and loving yourself. It’s important to protect what makes us unique, our skin and our glow.

In the [product] film myself and others share our real experiences with our own skin and our newfound knowledge of the need to protect it.”